Infinite moments

First off, huge congratulations on finding the love that feels like home, forever and always. It truly warms our hearts that you’ve stumbled upon us during such a special chapter of your life. At the very core of what we do is something pretty simple yet profound: we’re here to freeze time, to turn those fleeting moments into forever memories, to weave the fabric of your love story into visual poetry. Because, let’s be honest, you deserve the absolute best.

Curious about how we can tailor our magic to fit your day? Connect with us for all the juicy details on pricing and availability. Dive into our world of storytelling through a documentary, editorial, and photojournalistic lens. Our style? Timeless. Classic. Elegant. And all about creating images that are as real and raw as your love story.

Your Love story captured: perfectly, beautifully

Your Extraordinary Journey

Embarking on the journey of marriage is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s about cherishing every glance, every touch, every laugh, every tear. And we believe every single one of those moments, big or small, deserves its spotlight, crafted in a way that’s as unique as you are.


Remarkable Attention to Detail, so you can focus on What Matters

Your wedding day is an emotional rollercoaster — a beautiful blend of love, joy, and those tiny, often overlooked details that stitch together your personal love saga. And oh, how quickly those goosebump-inducing moments slip through our fingers. Like that heart-stopping moment he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time, the tear your dad fights back as he sees his little girl all grown up, or the emotion shimmering in your mom’s eyes as she helps you into your dress. We’re here to catch all those moments, to understand you, to celebrate what makes your bond unique.


Even after countless weddings, every single love story we encounter feels fresh, feels exciting. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime day, and it deserves to be treated with the reverence and joy it embodies. You need a team that’s as invested in capturing those unrepeatable moments as you are in living them. 

Time will fly on your big day, but we believe you should be there, truly there, for every laugh, every tear, every hug. Since we’ll be by your side, capturing every second, it’s essential that you feel not just seen, but deeply valued and understood.

AFTER ALL, We are storytellers

We’re not just any photographers. We’re your personal storytellers, eager to get to know you, to hear your story, to capture the essence of what makes your love yours.

Capturing the Real You

We’re all about catching those genuine, raw emotions on camera. Every look, every tear, every laugh captured in your photos will transport you right back to your wedding day, every single time.

Your Personal Guide

Navigating your day with ease, we’re here to make everything flow smoothly, working hand-in-hand with your vendors, ensuring every moment is captured without a hitch.

A Mirror of Your Love

Our photography style is honest, genuine, capturing the true essence of your relationship, ensuring your photos are a beautiful reflection of your personal love story.

The Perfect Fit

We believe in quality over quantity, which means we’re very selective about the weddings we take on. It’s about connecting on a deeper level, ensuring we’re the right fit to bring your story to life.

Eagerly Awaiting Those Memories

We know how eager you are to relive those moments, which is why we offer a sneak peek gallery within 48 hours of your wedding. And the full gallery? It’ll be ready to fill your heart within 6-8 weeks.

“Kim was by far the most genuine and kind person to work with on our special day! She captured every moment we could have wished for and it felt so natural working with her! I didn’t feel stressed about getting all the photos I wanted and she truly captured the emotion of our wedding as well as of our guest! I love building a relationship with people like this that I can use their services for years to come. I recommend Kim and Infinite Splendor Photography to all of my friends & family all of the time! I highly recommend any couple looking for an amazing engagement & wedding photographer to contact Kim! You can rest assured knowing that your day will be captured beautifully!”

~Keeley M.

“We had a wonderful experience with Kim! She was fantastic and got some amazing shots! I am so happy we found her and would highly recommend her to anyone! Very talented, great to work with and her turn around time was incredible! Overall a perfect experience!”

~Chrissy M.


Infinite Splendor:

Award Winning Photography

Welcome to Infinite Splendor Photography, born out of a lifelong enchantment with capturing moments in 2009, specializing in wedding photography. The essence of “Infinite Splendor” is woven into the fabric of our name, embodying the concept of “Never-ending Beauty.” This philosophy extends far beyond a mere passion for photography—it encapsulates the eternal beauty of love and the ceaseless wonder of life itself.


Raleigh, NC